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"No matter who I am—single or married, young or old, man or woman, priest, nun or lay person—I should give God my whole self. I belong to him because he created me. He has full power over my life and my death. It is not out of fear that I should surrender, but from a passionate love for him who gave himself so passionately for me. Then I will enter into his resurrection, and he will continue to reveal his mysteries to me, slowly and gently, and the Holy Spirit will explain to me anything I do not understand." 

- Catherine Doherty

What is a vocation?

Our primary vocation is to holiness. Along the universal path of holiness to which we are all called, each of us also has the privilege of living out a particular vocation, a state of life, a way of making a total gift of self to God and His Creation: the Priesthood, Consecrated Religious Life, the Permanent Diaconate, Marriage, or Generous Single Life in Christ.


May 3, 2019

We have three prayer intentions on this day:

  1. For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life;

  2. For the right discernment of vocations; and

  3. For endurance in vocations already committed.

Check your parish for local events; if you're unable to attend, pray where you are!

Lord Jesus, as you once called the first disciples to make them fishers of men, let Your sweet invitation continue to resound: Come follow Me! Give young men and women the grace of responding quickly to Your service. Support our bishops, priests, and consecrated people in their apostolic labour. Grant perseverance to our seminarians and to all those who are carrying out the ideal of a life totally consecrated to Your service. Awaken in our community a missionary eagerness. Lord, send workers to Your harvest and do not allow humanity to be lost for the lack of pastors, missionaries, and people dedicated to the cause of the Gospel. Mary, Mother of the Church, the model of every vocation, help us to say "yes" to the Lord who calls us to cooperate in the divine plan of salvation. Amen. 

- Pope St. John Paul II

Secondary vocations,  or states of life, have the following characteristics: 

  • they are pre-ordained by God

  • they involve a permanent commitment

  • they are a way of making a total gift of self to serve God and others

Here's what Pope Francis says about permanence: 

it is the meaning of definitive. This is important for us, because we are living in a temporary culture: yes, this for a time and something else at another time... Will you marry? Yes, yes but while love lasts, then each one returns home once again...

A boy — a bishop once told me — a young person, a young professional said to him: “I would like to become a priest, but only for 10 years”. The temporary is like this. We are afraid of what is permanent. And to choose a vocation, any vocation, also those vocational “states”: marriage, consecrated life, the priesthood, we must choose with a permanent outlook for life. And this is contrary to the culture of the temporary. It is a part of the culture which we are living today, and we must live it and overcome it.

Very well. Also on this aspect of the definitive, I believe that one of those who most surely has a definite path is the Pope! Why the Pope? Where will the Pope end up? There, in that tomb, right?


Articles & Papal Documents



May 10, 2019

Pray for the men who will be ordained priests for the Archdiocese of Toronto at St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica, 6pm-midnight. 

Upcoming Vocations Events for Women

Please contact the Daughters of St. Paul directly to learn more about this event. 

"Hearing and following the voice of Christ the Good Shepherd means letting ourselves be attracted and guided by him, in consecration to him; it means allowing the Holy Spirit to draw us into this missionary dynamism, awakening within us the desire, the joy and the courage to offer our own lives in the service of the Kingdom of God."

- Pope Francis (read more of this Papal Document)


To some degree, vocations are about scope. Priests don’t have their own handful of children calling them “Daddy,” but they have thousands of people calling them “Father.” Likewise, had St. Francis carried on the family business, his success selling cloth couldn’t have transformed the hundreds of thousands of hearts his life in God has over the past 800 years.

Witness the Rite of Ordination as four transitional deacons become priests for the Archdiocese of Toronto, 10am at St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica.



May 11, 2019

“Every vocation is about helping other people get to heaven.

One way to discern your particular vocation is to ask yourself,

‘Who does God want me to bring to heaven?’”

– Fr. Brett Brannen, To Save a Thousand Souls